St. Sebastian Capital Campaign 2016-2018

St. Sebastian Capital Campaign 2016-2018
The Campaign-
As many of you know St. Sebastian needs a new roof. The roof was last updated in 1991 and expert opinions give it about two more years. This is the cause for our Capital Campaign. Over the next two years we will be collecting money to finance this important parish need. The cost of the project is estimated at $100,000 and will require every parishioner to help how they can.

The Prayer-
Lord Jesus Christ, our God, as we prayerfully contemplate our sacrificial gift, we ask that you will accept our offering as You accepted the gifts of Your people throughout the ages. We offer this gift to replace the roof and make necessary repairs to the Church of Saint Sebastian’s to Your glory, as we proclaim Your Gospel to the whole world. Grant us Your blessing, Lord our Savior, that we may always be faithful stewards, continuing to share through our sacrificial offering, the gifts you have given us, by the power of Your grace, mercy, and love. May Your name be glorified forever. Through the intercessions of Saint Sebastian and all the Saints. Amen.


As we continue to receive funds, we will fill in each”shingle” until we reach our goal

Roof Installation April 7-9, 2017