Minister of Hospitality

St. Sebastian Church- Ministers of Hospitality Responsibilities 
The name Usher has been changed to Minister of Hospitality 
Before Mass 

1. Arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes before Mass. Greet people as they enter, especially strangers and visitors. If necessary, help the elderly and the handicapped to their seats. One person should be in charge to pick Gift Bearers and who would take money to the front.

2. Ask at least two (2) people or a family to bring up the gifts to the front. Minister of Hospitality will direct them when to approach the Altar.

3. Make Sure to set the small table from the Gifts in the center of the aisle as soon as Mass starts. [At least 3 rows ] After Gifts have been taken up, put table back.
Taking Up the Collection 

1. Start the collection as soon as Gift Bearers Return.

2. All Ministers of Hospitality go down the aisles together and start their section with the front pews working their way back. Please do not start at the back and work forward. The Ministers of Hospitality will genuflect or bow before starting to take up collection.

3. When collection is finished, all baskets should be emptied into one (1) large basket and brought up to the Altar. Approach by side aisle and place on the floor in front of the pulpit.
Second Collections 
1. If there is a second collection, we will be notified by the Pastor. The procedure is the same as the regular Sunday collection.
1. If there is someone who is physically handicapped, and they are not seated in the front pew. Please indicate to them that they may stay seated and the Priest or the Eucharistic Minister will bring the Eucharist to them. If this is the case at your particular Mass, Please inform the Priest or the Eucharistic Minister to go to the person either before he begins or when the line is finished.
At the End of Mass 

1. When the recessional (last Hymn) is sung, one Minister of Hospitality should walk down the side aisle to the front of the altar and should pick up the collection basket when the priest leaves the president’s chair and stands with the ministers facing the altar until the procession begins to the back of the Church.

2. In regard to the procession to the back of the church, the Mass servers are the first in line to walk out; the Minister of Hospitality with the collection basket follows the Eucharistic Ministers. The Priest is always at the end of the procession.

3. When the Minister of Hospitality gets to the back of the church with the collection her/ him plus one other Minster of Hospitality should put the money and the envelopes in the properly designated bag for the particular Mass she/he is ushering.

4. The collection bag should be locked after it is filled and handed to the Priest after he has finished greeting people. NEVER leave the bag in the sacristy or unattended.

5. If a second collection is taken up after communion, the Minister who picks up the collection, takes care of it until she/he goes up for the collection on the altar, taking the second collection with her/him, at which time she/he processes out with both collections.

6. During the recessional (Last Hymn) open the doors for the people. Also offer bulletins to the congregation as they leave. It is the Minister of Hospitality responsibility to see that doors are open and closed at the proper time.

7. When the congregation has left the church, please walk through the church and pick up kneelers, and remove anything that may have been left in the pews.
Odds and Ends 
1. If anyone should become nauseated or faint, help them by asking if they need assistant to step outside for fresh air or a glass of water. If someone is violently or seriously ill, one of the ministers of Hospitality should call the Sturtevant rescue squad. The rescue squad number is 911. The phone can be located in the Sacristy or DRE room