Parish Council

The Parish Council assists and advises the Pastor in the governance of the Parish.

Father Javier Guativa – Pastor
Kateri Roushia – Chair
Andy Havron- Vice Chair
Cindy Comello – Trustee Secretary – Minutes
Earl Wirtz – Trustee Treasurer
Jackie Oettinger
Kay Buske
Emilie Bruss

Earl Wirtz - Parish TrusteeParish Trustee

Earl Wirtz

Cindy Comello - Parish TrusteeParish Trustee

Cindy Comello

Kateri Roushia - Parish Council ChairParish Council Chair

Kateri Roushia

Andy Havron - Parish Council Vice ChairParish Council Vice Chair

Andy Havron

Jackie Oettinger - Parish CouncilParish Council

Jackie Oettinger

Emilie Bruss - Parish CouncilParish Council

Emilie Bruss

Meeting Minutes

Minutes from St. Sebastian Pastoral Council Meeting

May 24, 2017

Call to Order:  Kateri Roushia, 7:05 pm

Present:  Fr. Javier Guativa, Kateri Roushia, Earl Wirtz, Cindy Comello, Kay Buske,

Pat Langenfeld

Unable to Attend: John Jacyna, Jackie Oettinger, Andy Havron, Emilie Bruss

Opening Prayer:  Fr. Javier Guativa

Minutes Approval from 3-8-17 Meeting:  Kay Buske and Earl Wirtz

-One correction:  Festival date is Saturday, August 12, 2017

Finance Council

Budget has been approved for the next fiscal year.

Capital Campaign

The committee will meet again on June 19th.  The projected total by June, 2018, is $117,000.

Vision Ministries

Next meeting is Sunday, June 4th, at 10:30 a.m.

“Stuff the Bus” for Greenwood ends on August 12th.

Knights of Columbus recently held the Tootsie Roll Drive; the Baby Bottle collection is in process through Father’s Day.

Buildings and Grounds

Clean-up date set for June 3rd.

The Baptismal Font will be moved to the entrance of the church.

Please see attachment for other projects.

Festival Date:  Saturday, August 12th

How to get people to join St. Sebastian Parish and how to get people more involved in the Mass

-Festival in August; Open House in the school during the Festival

-Pulpit announcements welcoming visitors and encouraging them to join our parish.

-Welcome cards are on site; waiting for holders to be mounted at the entrances.  We need to check with John Jacyna to see where the holders will be placed.

Fellowship Events sponsored by families

Request via the bulletin and from the pulpit

Cleaning the church-Volunteers needed

Announcement will be sent to Deacon Eric

Pocket notebooks for use in church

-There needs to be education about this

-Why should we purchase these?

Mission Insight-Earl Wirtz

-Presented to Finance Council; Fr. Javier and Earl have been trained

-Data for SE Wisconsin parishes; program can tell what faith people are that live in the area

-How do we use this data?

-We need to form an Ad Hoc Committee to run with this and report back to Pastoral Council

-Could help with increase in participation at Mass

-Non-Catholic parishes use this more than we do

-What information do we need to benefit St. Sebastian’s? the managing part of the program



Open Discussion

-Magnet with new information:  Fr. Javier approved this

-Post card sent out to 2 mile radius? Could include new mass schedule and festival information

-Facebook updates – Deacon Eric is the administrator for the page.  It is possible to have more than one person administrator the page.

-Thank you to Deacon Eric and Judy for giving the rectory sign a much needed facelift.

-Vacation Bible School-Susi Kurek

Check with Susi to see if St. Sebastian’s could be utilized.


Closing Prayer

Adjournment:  8:00 pm


Next Meeting:  Tentatively set for August 16th