Scrip Program

Earn Rebate on Scrip  – Read below:


Basic concept behind scrip:

  • Retailers sell their gift cards to St Sebastian’s at a discount
  • Families buy the gift cards from our program at full face value and redeem them for full face value.
  • Our organization gets the difference as revenue to distribute to participating families.

Wonder “what’s the catch?”

The catch – if there is one – is that you have to plan your purchases ahead a little bit. That’s it!

How much can you earn?

Food $100/week x 4 = $400/month
Clothing $ 100/month
Gas $50/week x 4 = $200/month
Dining out $ 50/month
Total $750/month x 12 months = $9000/year

 “5%” (some higher, some lower) is the average portion of each scrip purchase that is earned by an organization with every scrip purchase. So, an average family, using these modest spending levels, would earn $450 each year. A family that plans ahead with the program, by focusing their spending on Scrip participating retailers, can earn much more!

 What will happen to the proceeds?

St. Sebastian’s Church splits the rebate proceeds 40/60 with each participating family.  40% goes to the family in cash back/ or as a tax deductible donation to the parish.  Each family chooses how their 40% is distributed. 60% goes to support St. Sebastian’s Church and the program (shipping and minimal supply costs).  St. Sebastian’s holds the proceeds in the Scrip account until the January distribution.  At that time the distribution is run for each participating family, as per their instructions in the Scrip Agreement, which you are asked to complete each year.

Cash back checks ($10 minimum) are sent out in the mail in mid-January.

Donation designations are sent to the Parish account.


So of the $450 you earned in rebates (from example above), you would receive a return of $180.

 How do I purchase the gift cards?

You can purchase cards before and after mass on Saturday and Sunday.  Online orders must be purchased by 9:00 Monday morning to ensure delivery of cards on the following Saturday/Sunday.

Want to buy your scrip cards online?  You can find out how here.

Print the order form to give to Jessica.

Scrip Coordinator: Jessica Anders  262-930-3447